Intern at Blue Bird Market and attended SHPEP


Intern at Blue Bird Market and attended SHPEP


As a Blue Bird Market intern, I worked alongside other volunteers to prepare the new location for opening. Upon reopening, I worked as a cashier and assisted customers to find items they needed. I also explained the mission of Blue Bird Market to customers who were unfamiliar with our mission.
I also attended the SHPEP (Summer Health Professions Education Program) Scholar Program through the University of Louisville this summer. I studied Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physiology with professors and a class of approximately 200 students. We had opportunities to meet with small clusters of current dental and pre-dental students, where I was able to make social connections. We virtually shadowed dental and medical physicians daily.


Kylie Cosner


Beth Marlowe, supervisor, Blue Bird Market
Dr. Sherry Babbage, supervisor, SHPEP



Kylie Cosner, “Intern at Blue Bird Market and attended SHPEP,” Internship Showcase, accessed November 29, 2020,

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