Equine-Assisted Therapy Intern, Équre


Equine-Assisted Therapy Intern, Équre


In my internship, I learned specific techniques in equine-assisted therapy and play therapy to treat children with a variety of disabilities and challenges. I played a large role in caring for the horses, preparing them for therapy, and training. Once I had to return to the states due to the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, I was able to continue my internship by researching and presenting on a variety of topics related to equine-assisted therapy and having video calls with the clients and my horses as a form of virtual therapy when in-person therapy was no longer possible. Through this experience, my vocabulary and fluency in Spanish has improved dramatically, as well as my interpersonal skills, including learning when to listen and observe, and when to take a more active role, sharing my own knowledge and area of expertise with horses.


Annemieke Buis


Beatriz Adriana Ake Chulim, Supervisor
Dr. Matthew Kassner, Faculty Mentor



Annemieke Buis, “Equine-Assisted Therapy Intern, Équre,” Internship Showcase, accessed November 29, 2021, https://internshipshowcase.omeka.net/items/show/57.

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