Boyle County Attorney's Office Intern


Boyle County Attorney's Office Intern


This internship provided me a unique opportunity to gain insight into a potential career path, specifically the daily operations and responsibilities of the Boyle County Attorney's Office. My duration at the County Attorney's Office allowed me to gain new understanding and knowledge about this career through interactive participation, including but not limited to, doing research on various legal topics such as criminal law and disabilities, helping prepare cases, studying statutory law and observing court. During my time at my internship I was able to gain knowledge of various legal perspectives such as public defenders and judges. After this internship, I am inspired to pursue law as a potential future career.


Julian Fischer-Lhamon


Chris Herron, Supervisor
Dr. Chelsea Ebin, Faculty Mentor



Julian Fischer-Lhamon, “Boyle County Attorney's Office Intern,” Internship Showcase, accessed November 29, 2021,

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